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01. Nov 2016

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Holiday Signature Loan Rates

Fill your pockets with a Holiday Signature Loan so you can buy what you want to this season! Limited time Holiday Signature Loan rate as low as 4.99% ...

21. Oct 2016

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2017 Annual Scholarship Contest

Viriva Community Credit Union is investing in our member’s academic success by offering scholarships to young and returning adult students! Our cont...

17. Sep 2016

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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

This holiday shopping season consider some of these holiday shopping safety tips to protect yourself against becoming a victim of crime.


• IMPORTANT IRS TAX FORM INFORMATION: We are making your 1099-INT tax form available to you sooner! The information will be printed on your December 2016 Account Statement scheduled to be sent out in early January 2017. If you receive eStatements, you must view your year-end statement through It’sMe247 in order to see your 1099-INT information. You will not be receiving the form in the mail.

• 80 ACTS OF KINDNESS: Viriva Community Credit Union turns 80 this year! We’re celebrating by implementing 80 Acts of Kindness! READ MORE

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