Lease Buyout Option

So your auto lease is going to be up soon and you’re wondering what to do next?!

Did you know that you can finance the buyout of your lease with Viriva CCU under our Used Vehicle loan program?  Simply contact your finance company and inform them that you want to buyout your lease.  Some companies will refer you back to the dealership where you initially purchased the vehicle and the salesperson will create a new buyer’s order for your car. This buyer’s order is what you will provide to the credit union along with your application and proof of income.  Other companies will provide you with a payoff statement which you would submit to the credit union; again with your application and proof of income. Please note that other documentation may be requested in order to process your application.

CONTACT US for additional information or  to APPLY ONLINE NOW!

For members that already own their vehicle free and clear or with a partial loan balance on it, did you know that you can use the equity in your vehicle to secure a loan for debt consolidation, vacation, tuition and more!  Your vehicle title would provide collateral for your borrowing needs and you would benefit from an interest rate lower than our Signature/Personal loan rates. GIVE US A CALL  to apply today or CLICK HERE to apply online!

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