Electronic Bill Pay

Electronic Bill Pay (EBP) 

Pay bills the fast and convenient way with Electronic Bill Pay (EBP) service.

There’s no need for writing paper checks or rushing to the post office when you use Viriva’s EBP. Best of all, it’s FREE* when you use it to pay at least one bill per month.

EBP Service Features

  • Pay all of your bills under one login.
  • Set up one-time payments, as well as automatic recurring payments, to any company or individual in the U.S.
  • Funds are automatically deducted from your Viriva Checking Account.
  • View what you paid, and how much was paid, in previous months at a glance.
  • Download and print canceled checks for free.
  • If your payee does not accept electronic checks Viriva will print and mail the checks at no cost to you.

Getting Started is Easy

If you currently have a Viriva Checking Account,  follow the instructions below to sign up. For members that currently do not have a Checking Account, you must apply for this service before signing up for EBP. Learn More about our Checking Account services.

How to Sign Up

Log in to It’sMe247 Online Banking and select the “Pay Bills” tab within the top menu options. Follow the instructions to complete your EBP set-up.

If this is the first time you are logging into It’sMe247, you will be required to set up your security credentials for online banking first.

Test Drive EBP to see for yourself how this convenient service can save you time and money!

Take the Bill Pay Challenge

Sign up to pay your bills with Viriva’s EBP Service and if you don’t find it convenient after your initial set-up, we’ll deposit $25.00 into your savings account**. To participate in the challenge please Contact Us today.


*A fee of $4.95 is waived for the first 3 months, and each month thereafter in which the member uses the EBP service to issue at least one bill each month. ** To participate in the Bill Pay Challenge, members must have regular access to the Internet and a computer (defined as having access to www.viriva.com at least once a month) as well as an active Checking Account. If participants do not find the service convenient after using the service to issue bills for 2 consecutive months, participants must submit a letter in writing stating their experience with the service to qualify for the $25.00 credit. Other restrictions may apply. Contact Us for complete details.

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