Market Index Certificates

What is a Market Index Certificate?

A Market Index Certificate (MIC) is a certificate issued by Viriva CCU where the dividend is determined based upon an average change in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Price Index over the term of the certificate.

Your money is working harder for you with Market Index Certificates (MICs). As the market increases so does your potential earnings. Best of all, MICs are NCUA insured, carry no risk to your principal, offer the opportunity for higher earnings, and have no sales or management fees.

MICs can be used for individual retirement savings, your children’s college savings, or simply for individual or joint investors.

Investing in the stock market gives you the potential for higher returns - if you are in a position to take the risk. Share/savings accounts and Certificates are safe and secure - but you may sacrifice earnings. Now there is an option that blends the best of both worlds and offers the potential for higher returns without the risk to your initial deposit.


  • Performance tied to the Dow Jones Industrials: Market Returns - An opportunity to achieve higher than fixed rate returns, based upon the historical performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index.
  • Diversified Among 30 “Blue-Chip” Stocks: Reliable - Portfolio diversification over a broad segment of the US economy.
    Principal Protected, if held to maturity: Safety - Something not available in many investment products.
  • NCUA Insured: Peace of Mind - Principal protected up to $250,000 per account, subject to limitations imposed by law.
  • $500 Minimum Investment: Affordable - Available in any amount above $500.
  • 3 or 5 Year Terms: Manageable - Growth opportunity with terms suitable for you.
  • Early Withdrawal at Death Option: Reachable - Provides liquidity in the event of death, at market assessment, subject to disclosure limitations.
  • No Member Fees or Charges: No Management Fees - Allows you to have 100% of your deposit at work.
  • Convenient: Another Great Service - Only available through your Credit Union

Contact Viriva CCU today to open your MIC or if you are interested in learning more.

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