Debit Cards

MasterCard® Debit Cards

Get instant access to your cash with a MasterCard® Debit Card from Viriva Community Credit Union! Best of all…  use your card to make at least one transaction once every 6 months and there’s NO FEE simply just for having one!* Make purchases at many retail locations using credit and the funds will be drawn directly from your account. You can also access your account surcharge-free at any CU$ NETWORK ATMs

  • Make unlimited credit purchases (signature based transactions) at thousands of retail locations.
  • Get “Cash Back” through PIN based transactions at select retailers to avoid ATM surcharge fees.
  • Receive up to 12 free PIN based transactions per month**.
  • Opt-in to MaserCard® Debit Card OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE (for cards tied to Checking Accounts only).

*** To report a lost or stolen card, call 215-333-1201 or 1-888-7-VIRIVA. For after-hours lost or stolen support, call 1-800-528-2273. Dial 812-647-9794 for support if calling internationally. ***

IMPORTANT NOTE: Viriva Community Credit Union performs daily system maintenance, traditionally between the hours of 11:30 PM EST- 12:30 AM EST, at which time MasterCard® Debit Cards are placed offline, thereby limiting the amount you can withdraw at ATMs and the dollar amount of purchases during the maintenance time frame.

*Card must be used at least once every 6 months to avoid an inactivity fee. **The ATM must be a part of the Jeanie or CU$ network to avoid surcharge fees (Please note: Not all ATMs in the MasterCard® Jeanie network are surcharge free). The first 12 transactions per month are free for members who have full-pay direct deposit or were previously designated as a Pioneer Club member; otherwise the first 8 transactions per month are free for all other MasterCard® Debit Card holders. PIN based transactions made in excess of the 12 and 8 free transactions allowed per month will be charged a $1.00 fee per transaction.

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