Routing/ABA Number

Our Routing/ABA Number is: 236-083-655

Manage your Viriva Community Credit Union account with Automatic Transfers, Direct Deposit or Payroll Deductions! These are the fastest and safest ways to deposit funds into your credit union accounts.

When setting up these services, simply provide your employer, or the organization that is issuing you the funds, with the following information:

  • Institution Name: Viriva Community Credit Union;
  • Address: 157 York Road, Warminster PA 18974;
  • Routing/ABA Number: 236-083-655; and
  • Your Member/Account number.

Use our CHECKING ACCOUNT SWITCH KIT to help you redirect any automatic deposits or withdrawals to your account at Viriva Community Credit Union!

Did you know that Direct Deposit can save you MONEY?

Members can now receive EXCLUSIVE LOAN SAVINGS on a Signature or Vehicle Loan when you elect to repay your loan via payroll deduction/direct deposit from your employer.

The added savings cannot be applied until your Direct Deposit is in effect. Prepare for your future borrowing needs and consider starting Direct Deposit now! Once you are ready to borrow, you’ll immediately be eligible to receive the added savings.

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